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23 Oct 2019

Stark Solutions - new terminals ready for Balkan Bet

The long-lasting client of Stark, Serbian betting operator Balkan Bet is expanding its business on terminals. Balkan Bet has entrusted Stark the production of 18 new top-quality self-service betting terminals. A total of 8 Wall-T and 10 T-1000 superb dual-screen terminals were shipped to their shops this month. 
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29 Aug 2019

Stark's terminals to enrich Superbet Romania's offer

Stark the innovative manufacturer of self-service betting terminals, has strengthened its presence on the Romanian market with the delivery of 30 high-quality T-1000 terminals to Superbet, the award-winning Romanian operator.
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19 Jul 2019

Stark strengthens partnership with SBbet

In order to meet SBbet’s modern business principles, whose ultimate goal is to successfully forecast consumer needs and maintain customer satisfaction, Stark has delivered a new contingent of Wall-T terminals.      Wall-T is a full HD, compact, self-service high-quality terminal that provides a versatile and cost-effective solution to market needs.    Multiple mounting options make […]
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