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23 Oct 2019

Stark Solutions – new terminals ready for Balkan Bet

The long-lasting client of Stark, Serbian betting operator Balkan Bet is expanding its business on terminals. Balkan Bet has entrusted Stark the production of 18 new top-quality self-service betting terminals. A total of 8 Wall-T and 10 T-1000 superb dual-screen terminals were shipped to their shops this month. 

The main advantage of Stark manufacture, besides the superb quality of the final product, lies in the fact that a great variety of the terminal components are customizable and can be adjusted according to the client’s requests and preferences. 

The printer integrated into T-1000 terminals for Balkan Bet enables this betting operator to have unified and standardized tickets in the shop and on the terminals. Wall-T‘s small dimension is the greatest advantage of this terminal. It is a compact betting hardware solution suitable for any betshop no matter if wall-mounted, desk or freestanding. 

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