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29 Aug 2019

Stark’s terminals to enrich Superbet Romania’s offer

Stark the innovative manufacturer of self-service betting terminals, has strengthened its presence on the Romanian market with the delivery of 30 high-quality T-1000 terminals to Superbet, the award-winning Romanian operator.


T-1000 – is a full HD self-service high-quality betting terminal where all components can be configured upon the client’s needs. A vast variety of equipment can be integrated into the device – bill validators, coin acceptors scanners, printers, card readers or any other available device. The modularity of the T-1000 offers three different display options. It can be set up as a single-screen, dual-screen or portrait screen version.


Stark's terminals to enrich Superbet Romania's offer


Commenting on the latest delivery, Mr. Ivan Soce, Product Sales Manager says: ‘’Stark strives to bring the industry’s finest achievements via powerful state-of-the-art betting terminals. Stark’s terminals are the perfect solution to meet the highest Superbet’s requirements to create unique and unparalleled value in business industry”.


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