Wall-T Maximize your in-store space
Wall-T is a full HD, compact, self-service high-quality terminal that provides a versatile and cost-effective solution for your business needs.

About Wall-T

Maximize your in-store space

Multiple mounting options make Wall-T the perfect sports betting hardware solution for your business. Its compact presentation and HD touchscreen offered in wall mounted, desk and freestanding configurations provide user-friendly experience in any space. Wall-T. This terminal is being produced only as a single screen model and offers different operational peripherals.

Wall-T features extensive device compatibility, branding options, and extra video output. A selection of customizable options is available upon request as well as the choice of powder coat paint finishes and mounts.

Wall-T offers a bonus branding possibility allowing the customer to customize the cabinet color.

The Wall-T equipment:
Bill Acceptor: NV 9 USB +
Coin Acceptor: RM 5
Printer: Nippon F-309
Barcode Scanner: Zebex 5160

Carefully planned to the smallest of details

Putting systems in place to ensure that the samllest details are addressed while the lead team look at the big picture ensuring for the best possible product on the market