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19 Jul 2019

Stark Solutions – delivering exceptional customer experience

Stark Solutions enables you to bring your money-making games to your self-serve terminals throughout powerful hardware defining your brand as a key strategic partner.

It’s a high tech terminal solution company that will enhance your business performance and provide you with a secure player retention product. We had an opportunity to share thoughts with Mr. Mario Coric, CEO of Stark Solutions.


He has been part of Stark Solutions from its beginnings. In-depth market research has revealed the unused potential that was to fit Stark’s ambitions. 




An almost immediate idea was to create alluringly designed terminals that would attract users and consequently became the bridge between Gambling and Betting industries. Mr. Coric confirms: ‘’Upon receiving the market research results we noticed that the existing design might be an obstacle, preventing terminals to reach customers more frequently. The current terminals offer was, simply, not in line with the rest of the betting and gaming industry, thus we decided to follow that hunch. From this perspective, it was the right choice. Nevertheless, in the past two years, we have proved our initial premise – players do react much better to the more appealing design.


What makes us different – alluring design and powerful performance

The design and dedication to details – it was Stark’s biggest quest from the beginning – to dedicate clear purpose to every button and to be player friendly. Mr. Coric explains the logic behind: ‘’Every single segment of our terminals has been planned with a purpose, f.e. All terminals are leaned towards the player at a 4-degree angle – in order to remove all the potential obstacles that player might have while playing. The reason why the lights are placed on the lower part of the terminal is to attract players and not impede their betting process. The betting moment is also player adjusted – screens are sloped to enable optimal usage of an average height person. Regarding the internal components, the imperative was that its performance and simplified servicing must excel everything else. Mr. Coric emphasizes: ‘’The request I have made to Stark engineers was to make it as great on the inside as it is on the outside. The requirement to succeed was clear – to enable fast onsite device repairment or certain part replacement by the customer. And we have succeeded, that’s where we’ve put our greatest effort in and we’re proud of the final result.


T-1000 and Wall T – your cashbox drivers

The guiding idea was to make something extraordinary, to make an exclusive brand, something that will reflect quality at its first glance. That’s how the idea of Self Service Betting Terminal T1000 was born, and it was a success due to the fact it was a middle-class terminal regarding the market prices, but the terminal itself was definitely not a middle class – it can be compared to the most attractive terminal series on the market. 

Mr. Coric speaking about markets where Stark is present says: “ We predominantly operate on western markets, western Europe, but we are also present in CEE. I think we have managed to offer quality at a reasonable price – not only that we offer the terminal but also our technical support and logistics in the background. We are currently shipping Self Service Betting Terminals to an evolving and promising market of Columbia and continuing to serve our customers. Our market presence is expanding daily and the future holds only more opportunities for us.

Wall T, that was presented as a concept product until now, is now already a selling product. It is terminal that fits smaller spaces – flexible enough to be put either on a wall or a counter. The goal was to save space but to preserve all specific features demanded by the industry. Although it is compact and smaller it contains all the features of a ‘’normal’’ terminal, it can accept bills, features pay in and pay out system and coin acceptor. 


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